How to Make Oversized Shoes To Be Comfortable to Wear

Fear of narrowness, is the reason most people choose shoes that are larger than the size of their feet. In fact, oversized shoes can cause discomfort when worn.
If you have already purchased oversized shoes, can shoes be used?
How do I outsmart oversized shoes to stay comfortable to wear?
Problems arising from wearing oversized shoes?

Not only discomfort, wearing oversized shoes can also cause a variety of problems. Oversized shoes make your way of walking weird. This inappropriate shoe size can make it prone to tripping, even falling.

Looseness of shoes can also make the toenails peck forward every step. As a result, your nails can blister and blacken. In some cases, friction and impact on the toenails can cause bunions, i.e. the appearance of bone lumps in the big toe.

You certainly didn’t do that, did you? Well, you need to rotate your brain to figure out how to outsmart oversized shoes to make them comfortable to wear. However, do not force the will if the difference in the size of your shoes and feet is large enough.
How to outsmart oversized shoes to make them comfortable to wear

As long as the difference in shoe size with feet is not too big, you can still outsmart them. Follow some ways to outsmart them so that loose shoes can be worn, not just on the shoe rack.

1. Wear thick socks or fold socks

Wearing socks not only prevents foot odor, but can also prevent foot skin blistering due to friction. Not only that, you can choose thicker socks so that the shoes are no longer oversized.

In addition to choosing thicker socks, you can also fold socks. Choose socks that are longer in size. Then, just put the legs in half, not the ends. Then fold your socks down to be stepped on. This way of outsmarting oversized shoes aims to increase the volume of the feet.

However, you need to be careful using this way. Because, thick socks are prone to cause sweaty feet. In the long run, the condition of the feet and shoes becomes damp. Foot fungus can multiply rapidly and cause infection.

So, don’t forget to open your shoes occasionally so that the skin of the feet can breathe. Keep your feet, socks, and shoes clean.

2. Add the leg turtle

In addition to wearing socks, you can also clog the front of the shoe with tissues, newspapers, or foam. How to outsmart these oversized shoes can prevent your toenails will not be knocked on the front of the shoe.

The rules are the same, you also need to open the shoes so that the leather of the shoes can breathe. Don’t forget to change the tissue or newspaper as often as possible and make sure your feet and shoes are always clean.

3. Wear extra soles inside the shoes

The next way to outsmart oversized shoes is to use additional soles. However, this sole is not added to the bottom of the shoe, but rather the inside of the shoe (insole). That way, the sole layer will reduce the oversized shoe space.

You can look for additional insole at shoe stores or shoe care. Bring your shoes when buying them, so you don’t choose the right sole size.

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